10 Best Sites to Watch Movies, TV Shows and Listen to Music Online

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Why spend money on cable, satellite and other kind of prepaid TV services when you can watch it free just in a few clicks:)

Sites for movies online:

1. Watch-Movies.net – personally I prefer this site because it’s easy to use, more or less ad- free and all movies are rated, so you don’t have to waste your time searching for a functional link. Another good thing, if you register, is that you can make your own play list.

2. HavenVideo – actually it’s a forum in which people post links and refresh them all the time if a link becomes dead. The site has many active users, many open topics about movies and here you can also find tv shows and documentaries.

3. MoviePlex – a nice forum with over 10 000 links, but the best thing is there are no annoying ads.

Sites for TV shows and channels:

4. Free-TV-video – All TV shows in existence in a big alphabetically arranged list… great stuff

5. Free-TVShows – many famous shows nicely arranged on the left sidebar

6. TVchannelsFree – TV Channels, news feeds and more, loads of channels to choose from.

Sites for online music:

*online music is illegal in almost countries, but in some it is not. So people host music on those servers which are in those countries.

7. Deezer – online music from almost any artist in a slick interface, has the ability of making your own playlist, rating music and many more.

8. Jango – listen to music by tuning into a music radio station. This site has a huge database of radio stations and works quite fast.

9. Imeem – except for music, you can search for videos, photos, blogs and more.


10. Youtube – the omnipresent Youtube which should be the starting point for searching any video.