3 Reasons people love small businesses

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We seem to be living in the age of corporations. Tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple dominate the digital world, while conglomerates such as Coca Cola, Nestle and Unilever are responsible for a majority of consumer goods we buy on a daily basis.

So, when it seems like the future will be prevailingly corporate, even thinking about small businesses often seems counterproductive.

However, the amount of global market dominated by small businesses has never been bigger! Each year it becomes increasingly easier to start, finance and market your entrepreneurial endeavor, empowering people to break away from large companies and start building their own future.

Companies like SITE123 make it easy for anybody to create an amazing free website for their business, and use it as a platform to promote and market their company.

People love small companies and doing business with them, and we wanted to dig a little deeper and show you that there has never been a better time to start something on your own than right now.

1.It’s more personal

People are getting tired of the generic, mass market approach big companies have to their consumers. Small businesses treat every customer as an individual, and are usually built on a foundation of dedicated customer service and the trust they establish.

2.It’s more long lasting

The relationships you establish with people running a small company are stronger and will last longer. People working in your local coffee shop will remember your dog’s name and ask you how your last job interview went – something that rarely happens in a packed Starbucks.

3.It’s more rewarding

Supporting a rising tech company and downloading their apps or installing a new piece of software they made is much more fulfilling and rewarding than just getting Facebook or Instagram on your phone.

Being involved with a product or a company from its beginning brings about the kind of engagement and close relationship that just isn’t possible with a big company.


How people interact with companies is largely determined by how those companies and their products make them feel. Small businesses have the tendency to create a closer, stronger and more long lasting bond with their customers, which something people nowadays tend to appreciate.

So, don’t hesitate a second longer and jump head first into promising entrepreneurial waters. Create a website with SITE123 and watch your business grow.