5 Best Alternatives to Photoshop

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Photoshop is claimed to be the most popular image editing software since it enables advanced features for professional uses. You can learn different tricks tutorials for Photoshop now is used in a variety of image editing uses like Logo Creation, Template designs, Picture retouching and Photography makeups. Here is a list of the 5 Best Alternatives to Photoshop (some are websites, and some other are software).







If you do not hear about this program, you might miss something in your life! Because the software GIMP is very famous in the field of design, especially his popularity spread widely among users of the Linux operating system, using GIMP you can design professional pictures from what is available from the tools given. This program is 100% Free.


Download GIMP




2. PhotoFilter



PhotoFilter is well known re-touching program used to make professional touches to pictures and make them look more attractive. PhotoFilter is the best free Photoshop Alternative as it gives you the ability to select from different presets of filters and effects.


Download PhotoFilter



3. Photoshop Express (Online)



Photoshop Express is the new Web Application developed by Adobe to replace some features of Photoshop but in an Online mode. Photoshop Express can apply different picture effects, filters, re-touches, color balance and more in order to make the image look more amazing and full-photographed.


Photoshop Express



4. GimpShop



GimpShop is almost the same as GIMP program but it provides a Theme that looks like Photoshop, with its toolbars, toolboxes, color palettes, menus and more. GimpShop also covers a high range of variety of effects and filters.


Download GimpShop



5. Pixlr Editor (Online)


Pixlr Editor is a very popular Photoshop alternative Web App. It provides a good variety of effects and options, and an excellent Theme and easy use (like phtoshop).


Pixlr Editor


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