5 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

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Have you ever encountered that your fat-fingers accidently formatted a hard disk or memory card when you tried to scan for viruses when you first plugged them in? Or had you deleted a file in panic and proceed to empty the recycle bin in a fluster? Chances are that you would be slapping yourself hard on the forehead and scratching your hair on how to recover these files. All is not lost in this article, as I will bring you through how does the following best rated Data Recovery helps you recover your files, only in Mac.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac


This wizard helps you in recovering your files in just three simple steps, Locate, Scan and Automatic recovery. EaseUS Data Recovery wizard supports more than 200 files types, and works for any storage devices that were previously connected to your Mac devices. If you would like to try it out, its free version offers a generous 2GB of recoverable data. Now that it impresses you, you can snap up the pro version at $89.95 with unlimited Mac data recovery and lifetime support.

 Disk Drill



With just a single scan, you would be astonished to see all your deleted items compiled and be ready for recovery should there be a need. Not sure is this weird looking file named 2013-06-22 the image that you had deleted by accident and wish to recover it? Fred not, Disk Drill allows you to preview the file to ensure that it’s the one you wanted to recover. To make things sweeter, Disk Drill had thrown in additional disk monitoring tools for your Mac, which allows you to monitor potential disk issues and clean up your storages easily.




This is probably the only free and open-source data recovery software was ranked in the best 5, which supports up to 480 files type. One of its main difference as compared to the other listed recovery software here was that the files recovered using PhotoRec would be shown in the directory from where PhotoRec was being run. It employs a data recovery technique termed as file carving, which starts its search from data blocks within the drives.


Softtote Mac Data Recovery


The software which was priced reasonably at $69.99, offers you similar recovery functions just like the rest, without alternating any aspect of your original file during the recovery process. Its flexible file filter boosts your recovery time by giving you the option to choose and filter the target files before your scan begins. This would certainly help the panic-stricken you in recovering your document. While the free version only allows a few common file types such as bmp, jpg, png, tif and mp3 to be recovered, good news is that there’s no size limitation along the recovery!


Minitool Power Data Recovery



Minitool supports recovery of emails and archives folders along other commonly file types. It facilitates your files recovery process in three simple steps, namely selecting a functional module, identifying the lost file in its drive, and select them upon scanning. It offers 3 license plan for usage, with the free plan limiting to just 1MB of recoverable data for a try-out, to the commercial plan of unlimited data recovery and making it usable in business environments such as offices and lifetime support at a discount price of $199. You can check out the many reviews by businesses for its recovery tools as a testimonial to its credibility.




This 5 data recovery software were known for its fast recovery and simplicity. While most of them were a few clicks process, do make sure that you choose one that can support your file type and consider their additional features offered. Data recovery could never be less stressful without them.