5 Things We Need to Consider When Buying an Expensive Phone?

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A lot of people who are looking to buy a new phone base their decisions from advertisements or hearsay from social media or friends. Just because someone famous is endorsing this brand of phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the phone you should be buying. Or only because most people are using it, and you want to be part of the clique, you don’t exactly need to buy that phone. A phone is your day to day companion, and you make calls, send messages to your contacts, browse the internet, and so much more with it. You should be taking a lot into consideration before making a purchase, especially if you’re looking into buying an expensive phone. This list will help guide you in what 5 things to think about before spending a lot on a new phone.


  1. Phone’s Operating System


The operating system of a phone is the most important program that runs in it. It’s a software that allows your smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to run applications and programs.


Most Popular Operating Systems:



It’s a group of mobile operating systems that were developed by Microsoft for Nokia mobile devices. It was first launched in October 2010.



It’s a mobile operating system created, designed and marketed exclusively by Apple, Inc. This operating system powers Apple’s mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod.



It’s a mobile operating system that was initially developed by Android Inc. and was then bought by Google in 2005. It’s primarily used for touchscreen mobile devices but has been developed for other uses.


  1. Phone’s Screen


When it comes to buying smartphones, most people would first take into consideration the screen size. Most people think that the bigger, the better. You should know that size doesn’t matter if your screen resolution is not as not as good. If your phone has a good screen resolution, the images on your phone would be sharper and would also allow you to scroll less. Lastly, you should look into buying a phone that has a screen made up of LED which has the lowest power consumption and is thinner than LCDs.


  1. Phone’s Battery Life


There are a lot of innovations in phone applications, however, it’s going to cost your phone’s battery life. Make sure that its battery life lasts at least 20 hours of talk time.


Types of Mobile Phone Batteries:


  • Lithium-Ion


This battery is fairly expensive. It comes with a relatively high charge capacity for its size and weight. A lithium-ion battery is used for modern smartphones.


  • Lithium Polymer


This battery is deemed to be most advanced on the market. It’s cased in plastic, which makes it smaller, lighter, sleeker and safer than other batteries. And they can contain 40% more charge compared to other batteries.


  • Nickel-Cadmium


This battery suffers from memory effect, which reduces its capacity. It has lower runtime and a limited lifespan. Lastly, it’s made of toxic materials which are not environmentally friendly.


  • Nickel Metal Hydride


This battery has the same size and shape with nickel-cadmium batteries, but has twice the energy and runs 30-40 percent longer. Plus, it’s not made of toxic materials.


  • New Lithium Technology


This battery is said to be 1000 times more powerful than other lithium batteries, but it’s still in development.


  1. Phone’s Durability


You need to have a phone that’s not going to break after using it for only a couple of months. Most recently released phones have been drop tested.


Durability factors that you need to keep in mind:


  • Exterior


Avoid buying a phone that has been made out of cheap outer casings, which can be easily broken and banged up.


  • Screen


Make sure to purchase a phone that comes with a scratch resistant screen or a plastic screen protector installed on the screen.


  • Water and Dust Resistance


Get a phone that is water and dust resistant, allowing your phone to have a little more protection.


  1.  Phone’s Camera Quality


You should remember that camera quality isn’t about megapixels anymore. Instead of choosing a phone with a high megapixel count, pick a phone with a camera bigger pixel size, bigger sensor size and has a more extensive aperture. And if you’re having a hard time choosing, compare photos taken by different smartphones uploaded on the internet.


Your phone is your all-time companion; your phone helps you with your day to day activities. You would want to have a phone that’s going to make life easy for you, not the other way around, but with many options in front of you, it can be difficult choosing which one to buy. However, if you’re going to check your prospect phones’ operating system, screen, battery life, durability, and camera quality, you will have an easier time in picking the right smartphone for you. Making the right move and grabbing the most appropriate smartphone for you will ultimately compliment you and your lifestyle.





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