About the Steven Universe games

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The thing about the mobile games is that they offer versatility to the players. When it comes to playing

the games the individuals can select the various games according to their preferences. These games are

available according to their genres and can be selected easily by reading their plots and storylines.


many these are a great way to entertain themselves without spending money. No more do they even

have to wait for a gaming partner as many of these games allow the individuals to play on their own.

Those looking for partners can search for virtual ones and compete according to their skill levels. Those

who are worried about keeping their hard drives free can also make use of the online streaming games

that can be played on the mobiles to have fun anytime they want. This way they can keep the memory

of their mobiles free preventing mobile functionality hiccups. The mobile games like other online games

come both as paid and free versions. There are many games that have gained popularity among the

mobile users in a very short period of time. One of them is the Steven Universe game. These games offer

different tactical role playing game options for the players.

These games are inspired from an animated series of the same name. The first version of the game was

released for iOS last year. Later on the game was further improvised in which new modes were added

which have a higher difficulty level but also offer additional bonuses to the players.

The most popular version of this game is the ‘Attack the Light’. The story pot includes role playing as;

1. Steven

2. Garnet

3. Amethyst

4. Pearl

who have to travel to color themed world to obtain items required to be used in battles or accessing

other levels of the games. As the players proceed they will have to deal with puzzles, physics based

mechanisms and chests to clear that level. In case a gem has used up all of its harmony it will be

required to retreat till any item can regenerate the harmony for it. In some cases it might even require a

battle to come to an end. The players can boost up their gems making use of the badges and the game

currency earned for purchasing the tools that will allow them to advance to further levels or using the

same in the battle fields. This game is loved by all those who are fond of the animated TV series. Even

those who have not watched this series but are fond of the role playing games will find the Steven

Universe game to be very entertaining.