Add A Youtube Video To Your PowerPoint Presentation

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If you work presentation in Powerpoint, then is very useful add videos to make presentation much interesting and to keep the attention of the audience. Let´s say you need to add video from, for beginning , you should download video and convert in a format you can use in Powerpoint. There are many ways to do it, I personally use kickyoutube; the best way to download and convert video form youtube, at least by my opinion. For more information, read my post “ Download And Convert Youtube Videos With Kickyoutube

Adding the video to your presentation is easy.Just follow steps below.

1.Save the video in the same folder as your presentation since you’ll need to take it along with you if you’re transferring the presentation to a portable device
2.Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and navigate to Insert->Movies and Sounds->Movie From File

add video

3.Insert Video Clip

add video

It looks like this

add video

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