Adding Category Based Recent Posts In Blogger

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You may want to have the widget like category based recent post listing. If you have wordpress blog then it’s not so big deal because WordPress has world’s stable and independent blogging platform.

But if you are using blogger you may really get apart from such flexibilities.

Let’s not make any complex stories and just tell you how to add Category or label based recent post without using any external javascript or codes.

I am going to show you simple hack for the default widget by blogger which shows recent posts chronologically from any RSS source you define.

To call the latest posts from the specific Label or Category you can also apply a simple tweak as following to blogger’s FEED widget.

First go to Layout tab> Page elements, after logging in to your blogger dashboard.

Click on Add a gadget link in the layout page.

A new window will open, search and click on Feed widget from your blogger layout.

Then in the feed URL, include your feed URL in following format:

This will list all the posts labeled in YOUR_CATEGORY_LABEL. Replace it with your own label.

Add as much widget as you need for your specific category.

And you are done.

View live demo here.

Hope this trick was helpful.