App to Track Phone: Understanding the Legal Restrictions Before Monitoring Your Staff

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Staff monitoring has become a viable option for employers to track the behavior of their employees. The reason is that many employees are causing their employers losses in lost working hours due to the abuse of smartphones. Some of them spend time facebooking and chatting with their buddies during office hours with the same phones they are supposed to use in serving their organizations. But before utilizing any app to track phone, like mSpy, you have to consider some legal restrictions so that you don’t end up in trouble with the law. You have to know what you can do and what you should not do with the spying app or else you may just end up on the wrong side of the law. We have compiled these restrictions to confine your activities to avoid violating your employees’ rights.

Know Where to Do It

Before implementing any monitoring, you have to understand the areas where you are not supposed to track them. The reason is that your employees are not company property, and hence, the need to restrict the tracking to those locations where they perform official duties.

Know When to Monitor Them

Also, establish the time limits for the monitoring. For instance, if you allow employees to carry their office smartphones to their homes, it is necessary to restrict the surveillance to their working hours and days.


Allow Employees Access to Collected Data

Legally, you are not supposed to monitor an employee without their consent. Therefore, allow your workers to access the same information whenever it is necessary to do so. For example, when an employee is implicated in anything and the same information is brought forward as evidence against them, they should access it the same way the employer does.

Include Your Staff

Do you want to perform a successful staff-monitoring process? Then you have to allow your workers to know about it in details. You should explain to them how you intend to use the data your monitoring apps will gather. Also, tell them when you will be tracking them as well as the exact locations where the tracking will be taking place.

This way, you will establish a proper and healthy environment between you and them. If you do this, your employees will not feel you are treating them as slaves, company property, or common criminals who are ready to break the law any time. Such a move will help in the success of the monitoring since your workers will cooperate knowing that they are submitting to something that will benefit an organization that serves their best interests.

It Must Be Relevant

Lastly, you have to make your employees know the relevance of the information the tracking will produce. It is necessary to go beyond just justifying the use of the medium to increase productivity to allowing them to demonstrate and understand how you and they can arrive at that goal.

Using an app to track phone under the custody of your workers has many benefits. However, the success of that process depends on how right you do it as per the established laws of the land. To succeed, you have to show your employees the relevance and use of that information. In addition, it is necessary to involve them in the impelentation process so that they do not feel like you are taking them for criminals or your company property. Lastly, you have to limit where and when you monitor them.