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Avoid Having Your Mobile Hacked

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Threats to mobile apps, operating systems and web pages have been found to be amongst the fastest-growing malware threats on the web. Hackers have gone further than just mobile casino apps, with many of the 4 million threats designed to target mobile banking apps, premium text services and Trojan gaming apps on Android operating systems.
Consumers are now asking the question: “should I be using antivirus software on my phone?” Given that smartphones, tablets and phablets now store its owner’s sensitive information, such as bank and card details, passwords and confidential emails, it is certainly advisable to take extra precautions.
Simple things like ensuring you are using a secure, non-public Wi-Fi connection before using any app that has access to your bank details, like mobile gaming, banking and shopping apps, is a given, but companies like AVG, Trend and Lookout mobile security now offer antivirus protection similar to that used on your home computer. However if you’re not ready to invest in this just yet, there are other things you can do.
Many people are now ‘jailbreaking’ their phones and devices, which allows them to install apps found outside of iTunes and Google Play stores. This not only devalues the phone; it also compromises the security offered by the operation system. Any malware that is installed on your phone can not only block files to stop programs running properly, it can also copy and share files – meaning anyone you link with through email and social media may also be at risk.
Keeping your phone on the most up to date version of your operating system and purchasing any apps and games from the app store or a reputable brand can help avoid this situation. For those who enjoy playing mobile casino games during their commute it is imperative that all downloads are purchased from a security-conscious source that can be verified by SSL technology.
By using secure socket layer (SSL) security, which allows information to be sent securely over the internet, global companies that offer mobile apps such as Tesco, HSBC and Ladbrokes offer reassurance to their customers. Thanks to continually upgrading their security it has been reported that Ladbrokes has seen an increase in app downloads from smartphones and tablets. However, it’s not only casino games that should be downloaded from reputable sources; any app or game that you purchase should come from a trusted source and offer a way to contact them should something go wrong.
When it comes to casino apps, you should never have to pay for one that you’ll be depositing money into because the companies provide the software for free. So if you want to play slots roulette or blackjack on your phone for real money, triple check the software is legitimate.
Hackers are continually developing new ways to access people’s personal details. In January a new jailbreaking site was launched called evasi0n.com that can crack any product on the updated iOS 6 and 6.1, and Trojan viruses and malware are found in slightly different versions of popular games. For now there are ways to combat mobile viruses, but there may come a day when mobile antivirus is installed on every new phone as standard.