How To Back Up Bookmarks In Firefox

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You probably sometimes lost important data on your computer and then when they are lost, you say Damn…. I wish back up my data. It¨s always good to have a back up of data especially the bookmarks in Firefox. .Backing up your bookmarks is very simple. Here is a quick tutorial to help you out.

1) Launch Mozilla Firefox

2)Go to Bookmarks tab and click on Organize Bookmarks…

Backup  Bookmarks

3) When Libary appear click on Backup under Import and Backup tab.

Backup  Bookmarks

4) Save you backup. The file will contain all your bookmarks and will be an . JSON file.
Back Up  Bookmarks

5)When you need to restore your backup navigate to Import and Backup-> Restore -> Choose File… Choose your backup file saved as .json and your bookmarks will be restored.

back up