Best Android Antivirus

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Android is the most vulnerable smartphone to malware . In order to select and use best antivirus for android as here, on this page, we are providing some best android antivirus, malware and theft protection apps in-order to secure your android.

1. Norton Mobile Security Beta

As we know that Norton is a top famous antivirus for malware and theft protection. Now, Norton is also available for Android in-order to scan and clean from harmful malware and for theft protection. Symantec’s Norton is one of the early entrants to the android security app space and they do have a quality product to show off. But, now that we interact and use smart phones a lot, we leave a lot of private and confidential data within.

Norton Mobile security (beta) allows you to remotely lock and/or wipe your phone data via a text message. Not only can this as you even lock down the SIM card so that the thief can’t swap it out to another phone.

In order to purchase Norton Software, just go to Web-page- Click here!

2. Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security App is one of the most important apps for your android device as you must install right after buying an Android device. Commonly, Lookout app comes in two versions – free and premium. The free version lets you to scan your phone/tablet for malware. You can back-up and restore your data online and can also recover your lost phone. Free version is quite enough for basic users while the premium versions provides remote lock and wipe capabilities. Premium app enhanced backup and privacy advisor as you can get all these in $3 per month (or $30 per year).

In order to purchase Lookout Software, just go to Web-page- Click here!

3. NetQin Android Antivirus

NetQin’s Mobile Anti-virus app for Android is a free cloud based security app and protects your android device against virus and malware attacks. It also comes with anti-lost feature based on GPS tracking. It also has a full cross-server contacts backup system as provide full protection for users’ data.

In order to purchase NetQin Android Antivirus, just go to Web-page- Click here!

4. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus Free from AVG (Droid Security) is a basic, yet popular Android security app which provides free services as to antivirus scan, malware scan, internet security, theft protection, remote lock/wipeout and SMS spam protection. To use AVG app as just go to web-page- Click here!

5. SMobile Security Shield

SMobile’s Security Shield app costs a whopping $29.99/year, but offers anti-virus scanning, anti-theft protection, remote device lock, and remote device wipe. Not only have these as SMobile’s Security Shield app also provides anti-spam protection, firewall and parental control features.

In order to purchase SMobile Security App, just go to Web-page- Click here!

There are many more apps for Anti-virus, malware and theft protection but, above are best.

Some other best apps such as-


Webroot Mobile Security (Beta)

Mobile Defense

F-Secure Mobile Security

Wave Secure

Finally, if you have an android device as in-order to protect it from harmful viruses, just choose above apps. I hope you like this page…