Best Python Video Tutorials

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This is the list of best python tutorials that will help you to improve your python skills!

1. Learn Python Through Public Data Hacking

Learning Python by hacking on public data! In this tutorial, you’ll learn Python basics by reading files, scraping the web, building data structures, and analyzing real world data


2. Python for Hackers

In the Python part of video, we jump right into the code and cover your first Python TCP client and server and walk you through each of them, line by line.
The Scapy part of the video will show you basic packet analysis in Scapy with a few helpful “making yourself feel at home in Scapy” tips. You will also walk out of this part with a better understanding of SYN/ACK/FIN packets, and what TCP connections and disconnects look like “on the wire”.
We also have a little surprise at the end.


3. How To Create Python GUI

Shot and simple tutorials that describes how to create python GUI with Tkinter

Creating a Graphical User Interface (GUI):
Creating Buttons and Labels for GUI:
How to Use Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to create GUI:
Binding and Creating the Event Handler:
Using Text and Entry Widgets:

4. Python Video Index

Python related video indexed so you can find it. 2016 videos so far


5. Growing Python with Spreadsheets

This session focuses on working with data that’s in spreadsheets by ‘talking’ directly to the spreadsheets with Python


6. Python Web Development: Understanding Django for Beginners

In this presentation delivered at USF, Marakana Python instructor, Simeon Franklin aims to give you a good foundation for starting Python web development with Django. Simeon will start with a basic overview of Django, show you some of his favorite Django apps, and finally talk about advanced Python language features you should be using.


7. Python for Programmers: A Project-Based Tutorial

Alexandra Strong, Katharine Jarmul, Christine Cheung
Are you a Python-curious programmer? Learn by writing your first project! You’ll build a complete quiz creation web application. We will cover topics from data structures and classes, to debugging


8. Google Python Class Day

A lot useful video tutorials from


9. Python Programming Tutorials

Here you’ll find 43 short python tutorials.