Best WhatsApp Hacks

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WhatsApp is one of best instant messaging app for Android and iPhone.Today, I’ll try to share best WhatsApp hacks available to improve user experience.

1) How To Get Back Deleted Chat History

Did you ever tapped wrong option for example Delete chat -> Yes ?

delete chat

You can easly recover your deleted chat history , just follow these instructions:

1. uninstall the app
2.then reinstall it
3. simply tap Restore and everything less than seven days old is restored.


2) How To Hide Last Seen Time

Just downlaod and install Last Not Seen App

last seen

3) How To Crete Fake Conversation

If you want to play pranks with your friends , just download annd install Whatsaid – Whatsapp Prank and create fake conversation .

fake conv

4) How to Send WhatsApp Chat History Via Email

Click on the “Menu” option in a conversation, and then go to “More” and select “Email conversation” before entering the address of recipient. WhatsApp will create an email with the whole text conversation, including pictures, voice or video calls.

5) How To Send PDF, APK, ZIP and DOC files

What’s updon’t allows you to send Send PDF, APK, ZIP and DOC files , but you can use an app named Cloud Send.
Downlaod and isntall Cloud Send from this link.

cloud send

6) How To Listen to voice messages using In-Built Speakers

If you don’t won’t to play your voice message loud so that others could hear it , then press play and hold the smartphone to your ear.

voice message