Bookmark a YouTube video and watch from where you have stopped

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Would like to bookmark YouTube video at the position which you are watching now???? You can easily do that just by following my new trick given below. The best past of this trick is that you don’t need any software for this. And also this trick helps you a lot to avoid some time consuming work. That’s is ,if you are watching a video and suddenly you got some reason to stop playing that favorite video. In future(next time) you need to play that YouTube video again then seek to that position where you have stopped, really boring. But using my new trick you can just bookmark the current video you are watching at the current time and you can resume it from that point itself, so just follow this easy trick and enjoy.

1)Go to

2)Play the required video

3)When it’s time to stop(bookmark) right click on the video player

4)Select “copy video url at current time”

5)That’s all now a bookmark is saved in your bookmarks with the current playing time(00:00:00)
6)In future just click that bookmark and the video will resume playing from where you have stopped.