BullGuard Internet Security 10

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The release of Bullguard Internet Security 10 is the latest evolution of the succesful range of full-service online protection software, moving on from last year’s Bullguard Internet Security Security 9.0. An updated front-end interface has a bold new colour scheme, but the changes are much more than just superficial. An interesting addition is the new ‘Inspector’ feature – a vulnerability scanner, which checks software applications you use on your system for known security holes.

The software performs the following key functions:

  • Antivirus – gives full protection from computer viruses like Trojans and worms.

  • Antispyware – protects from malware involved with identity theft and online fraud.
  • Antiphishing - scrutinises e-mails for authenticity, for full online safety.
  • Customisable Firewall – gives full protection for new users, whilst retaining a depth of control for experienced users to optimise their setting.
  • Spamfilter – protects inboxes from unsolicited spam.
  • Backup – to secure important files from crashes, damage and theft. Online storage allows 5GB of important personal information to be safeguarded and preserved in a remote location
  • BullGuard Support – Free 24/7 support to online personal assistance for any security-related queries. A 1-hour fastest response time is guaranteed.
  • Gaming Mode – safe yet fast game use with minimal resource consumption. This feature optimises computer resources for improved gaming performance and has both pre-defined and modifiable settings for major games. Interruptions such as pop-ups, scans and updates are deferred while games are being played, to maximise game performance.
  • Inspector – Locates vulnerabilities in out-dated software to protect from hackers.
    Many of these features proved successful in Version 9.0, but BullGuard Internet Security 10 has the following new features:

  • Behavioural Detection: Can spot viruses before traditional virus detection methods, based on the behaviour of the virus. BullGuard claim the technology catches 65% more malware than traditional reactive virus detection programs.
  • Safe Browsing: Registered, unsafe websites are flagged in search results. Sites known to contain malware can attempt to trick users into downloading infected programs or hand over personal details – this feature seeks to prevent this.
  • Inspector: Out-of-date software is one of the biggest security risks to computer users, as vulnerabilities in old versions of software are known and can be exploited by hackers. The Inspector is a vulnerability scanner which locates programs that need to be updated, and flags them up.
  • Password Protection: This ensures that only the account owner can change security settings in key security functionality within the Anitivirus engine, Firewall and Spamfilter.
  • Automatic Shutdown Protection: Prevents rogue applications shutting down BullGuard against the user’s wishes.

All in all, BullGuard Internet Security 10 represents a clear step forward from previous releases of BullGuard online security packages. The standard subscription includes a licence for three PCs which is a welcome new addition. A free 60 day trail is available http://www.bullguard.com/try/bullguard-internet-security.aspx