Can Other People View My Saved Passwords In Firefox?

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Let´s assume you´re mozilla firefox user and allow the friend to use your computer without your supervision. If you think that your passwords are protected, then you´re wrong. You friend can easy view your passwords and usernames and tricky you. The problem is that the Firefox lets anyone view all your high security passwords. To view security passwords and usernames , you need only to go to Tools, then Options, in the Security tab click on Saved Passwords. After this, all your passwords are visible to anyone with access to your computer. It looks like this :

But how to protects your passwords ? Firefox has option to set a master password. By setting a Master Password, user will be promoted to enter the Master Password when access to stored passwords is needed. Go to Tools, then Options, in the Security tab click on use a master password. Enter password and your security will be at least a little improve.

If you forget master password, you can easy reset it. Just paste this chrome://pippki/content/resetpassword.xul to web addresses and click Reset.

Now you can select your new password and make sure you don’t forget the password again.