Change Windows 7 Logon Screen To Anything You Want

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You might have been bored because of same logon screen every time you logging in.  The default windows login screen lacks taste of being Windows 7. Today I am here with a helpful tool. This 250 KB tool helps you to easily modify your logon screen to whatever you want.

This useful tool is actually brought to you by

It enables you to change the background of the windows logon screen. You can have any size of background, this tool automatically resizes and recompresses the image to the highest quality possible being the original image untouched and unmodified.

If you want the default Windows 7 logon screen back just click Revert to Default Logon Screen and the application will automatically uninstall any customized screens.

To change the logon screen, download Logon changer for Windows 7.

Unzip the 250 KB zip file and run the program. When the program loads up, Click on Change Logon Screen button.

Browse the background image you want in your logon screen. Don’t worry about 245KB image limit as logon changer tool automatically compress and resizes the image. So you can choose any large file.

If the file size is too large, then it will ask to create copy of it and resize it. Click Yes to proceed.

If it detects old logon backgrounds then click OK. Now you’ll have new logon screen ready. To have a live preview of it click on Test button.

If you don’t like the current screen and want to switch back you can always click on Revert to Default Logon Screen.

Hope this tutorial was helpful.