Convert Your Desktop To A Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Last time I wrote a tutorial about sharing internet connection between two computers using Bluetooth. Now this time I am up with another method to share internet connection between desktop and lots of notebooks. In other words, in this tutorial you’ll learn how to setup your desktop’s internet connection as Wi-Fi hotpots. But before that make sure that your desktop has a wireless adapter and your desktop has high speed internet connection.

If I taught you to setup Wi-Fi hotspots manually than it will be a long tutorial with lots of messed up steps which you might not welcome to. Moreover you may get stuck on the way.

I found a freeware called Connectify which can easily turn your Windows 7 Desktop into wireless router just by a single click without the need of any wireless router.

To obtain a download link for Connectify, you’ll have to fill up this form in their official website. The download link will be sent to your email address.

Or, you can download it directly from . Download and install Connectify.

Select the Internet connection you wish to share.

Choose a name for your new wireless network name it to anything you want. Choose a password to authorize access after inputting password from other computer.

Press the Hotspot On button to turn on your wireless network.

Now, from your other Wi-Fi enabled devices, you can see your wireless network. Choose to join it, and enter the wireless password to connect.

Please note that this beta program only runs in Windows 7 and it doesn’t run in lower version of windows, not even Windows Vista.

Hope this tutorial was useful

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