Create A Free Visual Mobile Website

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Hey,would like to make your own mobile website??? Now here is a great offer for you. Just use the given below trick and get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosting for your mobile website. You will also get a free subdomain(you can choose from a list). Also you will be provided with a free site builder that can even be updated from your mobile phone. You can customize your websites with templates readily available. Its totally free to use. You can also add your own ads in your website. You can upload unlimited files and you can even make unlimited number of pages. You can add any script like php,java etc… you can also add css effect to your pages. ….. so what to wait? Just follow these steps and get a free (totally free) mobile website .

Go to

Click on ‘start building’

You can select the main domain under which your site should appeae. It can be done by using the dropdown menu just after site name

Fill the form and agree to terms. If you do everything properly you can start customizing your website.
You will be taken to a page (once logged in) where you can add or delete pages,customize your website etc.
Or login

After logging in:

All the changes you do can be viewed in a mobile browser(image resembling a mobile,see below image) on the right side of the page. So you can make sure that the changes made are fit for mobile users.

You can also see a directory of files and pages on the left side of the page as in the below picture

You can directly share your web url or a specific page using the direct sharing option(on the right top corner of the editing page)

You can also add ready to use templates

You can also customize it

You can also modify your website on the move