Create All In One Installer For Your Favorite Applications

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Whenever you re-install a clean copy of Windows in your PC or your friend’s PC, you’ll have to install all those large list of drivers and software for your new Windows. This might not be that hard job for normal people who just want to surf internet and do some chatting, as Windows Media Player and Internet explorer and various other similar inbuilt utilities are already available in Windows.

But in case you are software specific, for example, you want Picasa at any cost as image viewer and VLC media player as your media player then this is very time taking part because you’ll have to install it one by one. More over there are large list of software that you need then you’ll be in chain as you’ll have to click next, next, next, next, ok and finish button multiple times. At such moment anything that comes in your mind is all in one installer.

Today, let me introduce with the all in one installer. That is also available for free and only requires additional internet connection to go the setup process further.’s easy all in one installer will make this thing possible and flexible. From Ninite’s home page, you can choose large list of applications that you often install in your fresh or upgraded version of Windows.

Choosing the application to be added in all in one time installer is rather easy. Just choose the applications you want to install from their large list.

Once you are satisfied with your selection click on Get Installer button. This will eventually load the download file.

Once the file has been downloaded, run it. The windows may ask your permission to run the installation file and you must grant the permission by clicking on Run button.

Let the installer initialize the setup process.

Once it initializes the setup process, it will start to download the files that you’ve chosen from the internet.

Once it downloads the file, it will automatically start installation process and notifies you when it completes.

If you are Linux savvy then you too have good news because, it’s available for linux only. Visit the Linux section of their page by clicking here.

Hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

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