Create Your Own Icon For Windows 7 From Photoshop

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Creating your own icon set might have been one of your great interests to beautify and make your desktop unique from others.  The most basic icon set you can create is from any kind of image. But the Windows most of the time uses Icon files (.ico) as icons.

In this tutorial, you’ll be guided through step by step methods to create your own custom icons for your custom application. We will be using Photoshop CS4 to create our own icon.

But before you open Photoshop you must make sure that your Photoshop have ability to save in .ico format. By default, Photoshop doesn’t have such ability. To make your files to save in .ico format, download the ico format saver from here.

Extract the downloaded file and copy ICOFormat.exe it to Plugins-folder of Photoshop in Program files.

After you’ve copied it you will be able to save any image file in .ico format from Photoshop.

Designing  your own icon

Open Photoshop and create 128X128 px Photoshop document with transparent background.

Draw your own icon design with no background in it.

After you’ve designed it well, go to File > Save As (Shift + Ctrl + S).

In Format field choose Windows Icon (ICO) and type any icon name for your icon.

Since we’ve created our custom icon, let’s apply it to any program. Open the program that you want to set your own icon. Let’s see wit Notepad.exe.

Right Click on the Taskbar Icon of the program again right click on the program name and choose Properties.

In Properties window, click on Change Icon button.

Then browse to your Icon file location and Open the icon.

Click on OK to finalize your choice.

Close the program and load it again,

You’ll have the icon changed to your custom one.

In this way you can create large number of icon sets to make your desktop unique from others.