Creating a simple quiz application using Microsoft Powerpoint

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In this tutorial I am going to teach you how to create an interactive quiz application slideshow using Microsoft Powerpoint..

Before beginning the tutorial you must know the things you’ll need:

–          Welcome Page

–          Question Page

–          Success Page

–          Failure Page

OK now let’s begin. First in default new slide type your welcome message.

Now create question page as many as you like. In this tutorial I am creating two questions page which contains simple questions.

To do so, create a new slide by going to Insert>New slide or CTRL+M.

Type your questions there. For instance I questioned what is 10+10 and in another question what is 5+3. Below the question I kept two options for each questions.

Now again create another new slide and type your congratulations message and again create another new slide and type the failure message.

Now the basic setup is ready.

Let’s create the quiz interface.

Highlight your correct answer for first question and press CTRL+K (Hyperlink).

Then go to “Place in this document” and choose the preceding question slide as shown in figure. (if right answer is clicked you’ll be welcomed with new question else you’ll be welcomed with failure message).

Again highlight the wrong answer and hyperlink it to failure page.

Do same for all of the questions. But for the last question of the quiz, hyperlink the correct answer to the congratulation page.

Now your quiz application is ready.

Press F5 button and try the quiz yourself.

Hope this tutorial was fun trying to.