Creating Curls Graphic Effect In Illustrator

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In this tutorial I will teach you how to create the pleasing graphics like the image below using adobe illustrator.

Open up the Adobe illustrator. Create a new document with RGB color settings and in Landscape mode.

Take a pen tool (P) and draw a curve making it look like curls of plant branch.

Create some another curves to beautify it according to your need.

Now let’s create a brush to apply it on the curve that we’ve just created.

Take a rectangle box tool and draw a horizontal rectangle.

Like in the image below select it’s top right vertex and drag it downwards so that it will look tapering at the end. Also drag the top left vertex near to the lower one to make it little thinner. Your final result will be like this:

Now this is the format of brush that we’ve just created. Only the thing that left is to define it as a brush.
Select the shape you just created with selection tool and click on new brush icon in the brush palette.

In the New brush window, choose art brush and click OK.

In the Art Brush Options window, choose Tints in Colorization Tab and define the flow of brush direction as in figure then click OK.

Now the brush might have been loaded in the brush palette. Select all the curves that you created before and click on the brush that you’ve just created. If everything went ok you’ll get the following result:

Now to beautify it we need to add some colors.

Load the Beach color palette from windows>Swatch Libraries> Beach

To apply color fill the stroke with the colors in the swatch palette.

Apply different colors to make it pleasing to eyes. I choose blue, you can choose your own desired color.

Duplicate all the curves and place it in different place as in figure below:

Either apply same brush or create your new brush to the copied curves.

Put some text or add some other graphics to give some meaning to it.

Your curly design is ready. You can apply different background colors and keep it as your desktop wall paper.
Hope you liked this tutorial.