Creating Emergency Shortcut To Shutdown Windows

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This tutorial might be useful to those who hate to use mouse to shutdown windows. With the combination of three keys you can easily shutdown your computer. In this tutorial, I am going to show you, how you can create a shutdown shortcut key.

In desktop Right click>New>Shortcut

A create shortcut window will pop up. In the input field type, “shutdown –s” (without quotes), as shown in the figure. Remember that there is space between shutdown and -s

Click on next.

In next window, name anything you want your shortcut name to be. I named it shutdown. Alternatively you can have no name for shortcut. Deleting all the text and clicking on finish button won’t help you to create blank shortcut name.

To make blank shortcut name, Hold down ALT and type 0160 (i.e. ALT+0160). This will give a blank name. Click on finis button. You’ll have your name less shortcut menu ready.

Finally you’ll have shutdown shortcut icon similar to the image below:

Now all you need to is add shortcut keys to it. To do so, right click on the shortcut icon that you’ve just created. Choose properties.

By default shortcut key is set to none. Click on the shortcut key input field. Hold down CTRL and press any key you want. I used CTRL+ALT+S.  Windows allows only the combination of CTRL+ALT to have a shortcut.

Now you are finally done.

Click on OK.

To test, Press CTRL+ALT+S (or any shortcut that you’ve given), following window will popup.

Press enter and sit back and relax until your system shuts down.

Hope this tutorial was a great help.

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