Creating Realistic road texture using Photoshop CS4

Posted by Suraj Kayastha in Articles, Graphics, Photoshop Tutorials

Today I am teaching you how to create a realistic texture of road and apply it to your image.

There are various techniques to create the texture of road. In this tutorial, I am going to create a texture of rough road with cracked pitch.

Follow by step by step tutorial below.

First of all create a Photoshop document of default format and size but change the Background Contents to Transparent.

Now in your tools bar choose the foreground color as dark gray (#2d2d2d) instead of completely black.

Select the Layer 1 and press ALT + Backspace to fill the dark gray color to the whole document.

Then apply noise to the background by going to Filter>Noise>Add Noise. Check on Monochromatic and apply uniform distribution by checking on Uniform radio button, put the amount value about 2 %.

Now since we’ve applied the rough texture of road, we’ll now create the cracked spots, to do so, create a new transparent layer (Ctrl + Shift + N).

Apply the cloud render filter (Filter>Render>Cloud) keep pressing CTRL + F (re-filter) to get the satisfactory cloud (one with large dark areas than white/gray).

Again after applying cloud render, go to Filter>Render>Difference Cloud to apply difference cloud render.

Now configure the level value of the cloud layer (Layer 2) by pressing CTRL + L. Put the values or move the sliders as shown in the figure.

Now hide the Layer 2 by clicking on eye icon on the layer panel.

Create a new layer , Layer 3.

And apply the road dividers using marquee tool and fill it with white colour.

In layer panel, click on “fx” icon as shown in figure and choose on Blending Options, or directly right click on Layer 3 and choose blending options.

In the blending options window, move the black slider (highlighted in the image below). To separate the joined black slider hold down ALT and draw the slider left or right to get the satisfactory result of the divider scratch.

Make Layer 2 visible by clicking on the visibility icon as shown in image. (Since you’ve hide it before there won’t be icon, when you click it the eye icon will again load)

Blend the layer to Overlay and decrease the opacitiy to 20% for Layer 2.

Choose an eraser tool (E) and get some rough brush by right clicking on the art board and slightly delete the edges. You can decrease the opacity and flow from options bar.

Apply some brushes to make it look more white than in the divider zone as the road gets smooth on the region where vehicle moves.

Now you’ve the road ready. You can apply it to any picture you want.

To apply it to the image just transform, skew and distort it according to the demand of your main picture.

Merge all the layers and bring the main picture just below the road.

Here you’ve the road ready.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful.