What Is Date Cracker 2000 And How To Use It

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*This post is to be used for educational purposes only

Data Cracker 2000 is an application which can easily remove the date protection(i.e. trail protection) from many software. It is very useful for shareware or trial versions of software which expire after a specific date. When you crack the software with Date Cracker 2000, the software will always show something like “There are 90 days remaining in your trial period” and the software will actually last forever :). Some programs have good protection and it isn’t possible to remove their date protection . Date Cracker->

How to use Date Cracker? It is very simple.Just follow these instructions:

1. Download Date Cracker from this link and install it

2. When you open Date cracker you will see on the right side Add button , click it

3. NOw a window will appear where you must type the Program Description ( for example Folder Lock 6), as shown below

4. In Simulated Run Date type the expiration date, like 25. 11.  2009 ;

5. On the bottom of Date Cracker window , you will see … , click it , and choose executable files as shown below

6. Click Run , that is it !