Disable Auto Hide Windows Taskbar Forever

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This tutorial might not be very useful but whoever needs it, here it is.  Sometimes some user may keep setting the auto hide and personally you may find it annoying. So in that case, you would like to set it so that it permanently stays there.

Hopefully, there is one another method, that is, making separate user account for you. But still I am going to teach you how you can disable the auto hide feature of Windows Taskbar.

Though it is possible to disable autohide feature from Registry editor, we are not going to do this. Because tweaking registry may risk your current computer status. Instead, we’ll be using Local Group Policy editor.

Open Local Group Policy Editor by going to RUN > and typing gpedit.msc.

In the left column, go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar.

In the right column, look for Prevent Changes to Taskbar and Start Menu Settings under Setting column.

Double Click to Open it. By default, it is set to Not Configured and choose Enabled.

Next Click on OK, and then close Policy Editor Window.

Whenever someone wants to access the Taskbar property, he’ll be denied.

To re-enable it, follow same procedure and Click on either Not-configured or Disabled radio button and Press OK.

Hope you loved it.

This was guest post by suraj kayastha where he writes about technology in HackTweak.co.cc and Hacktutors.info.