Disable Cut, Copy and Paste in Windows

Posted by Suraj Kayastha in Articles, Windows Tips, Windows Hacks

How often do you leave your PC unattended? How many people can access our workstation or home PC? And what do you keep in your hard disk? If you leave your PC unattended and anyone or few can access your home/work PC then your data and information is in risk. One can easily copy your documents and files.

You may have secured your PC by setting password. But you won’t be putting password in screensaver mode, will you?

In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can prevent your files from being copied illegally to any storage media or even inside one folder location to another location of same hard drive.

Before we begin with the tutorial, download this free utility which will be playing main role in this tutorial.

The downloaded file is a zip file; you’ll need to extract it.

After extraction install the program. Remember the location of the installation folder. It is usually in %systemroot%/Program Files/Prevent . The installer only extracts the file and while running toggles the registry values.

Go to the location where Prevent utility is installed. And open Prevent.exe.

Click on Define HotKey Field and press the shortcut keys you want to disable the copy and paste.

I clicked on the text input area of Define HotKey and pressed CTRL+ Shift + Q simultaneously.

Now Click on Activate button. After pressing Activate button, it will save the HotKey you defined with following screen:

As soon as you press activate button it will disable the copy paste feature of windows.

Now to disable it you’ll need to press the defined HotKey.

When you press the Hotkey in any part of the Windows it will enable copy/paste again with following screen:

Now go to the folder location where you’ve installed Prevent utility.

Right click on Prevent.exe, go to send to menu and create desktop shortcut.

This will create shortcut to desktop.

You may rename it whatever you want.

Now you can open Prevent utility from shortcut and always activate it if you’ve disabled it once.

This utility not only allows you to disable cut, copy and paste but also Delete, Copy To, Move To, Sent To, Renaming, Task manager’s End Process button.

Task manager before activating Prevent utility.

Task manager after activating Prevent utility.

Hope this was helpful tutorial.