django-debug-toolbar |Every Django Developer Should Use It

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In this post I’ll describe how to use useful django plugin called django-debug-toolbar .

If you’re Linux user the easiest way to install it by using pip, just enter command

pip install django-debug-toolbar

django toolbar

Other way to install it is by downloading it from github

. After you download django-debug-toolbar , extract it on your computer, navigate to extracted directory and enter

python install

Before you start the development server, you need to change

# …
# …
# If you’re using Django 1.7.x or later
# If you’re using Django 1.6.x or earlier

you can check your django version from python shell

import django

django-debug-toolbar looks as shown below

django toolbar 1

django toolbar2

You can check which view is used on specific URL, which REQUESTS, POST,GET,SESSION data, static files, templates…
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