Download Mp3 Music

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Today I will talk about a website where you can legally buy cheap mp3 – the has been running for 5 years already and has earned itself certain reputation. For registered users (and you have to register if you want to use the service, which is logical of course as long as you will need the balance and the shopping cart) they offer an interesting system of bonuses and discounts. For example right after the registration you will receive a small deposit of $0.32 to your balance for free. You can exchange this sum of money for two mp3 songs for testing purpose. However there is a thing you have to know in regards of these 2 bonus songs. It is illegal to the keep registration bonus tracks for more than 24 hours unless you decide to make a deposit to your balance.
The has a very nice track pre-listening feature. For every song they create a free 60 sec. preview-track which is made of three 20 sec. parts cut from the original song (first 20 sec. of the song and then 1:00-1:20 and 2:00-2:20 chunks). This makes a cool kind of preview, very handy for estimation.
When you bought some songs, just go to the “your downloads” tab where you can actually download mp3 music. Also you can download the songs from the artist page as an alternative.
In general this is rather handy and well organized service and the choice of music is vast. So, music fans, give it a try, there are good chances you will prefer the to your current music source.