Easily Find The Font In Specific Website

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While surfing through various web pages, you might have notices some beautiful fonts. You may even desire to know which font is it and want to have it on your website too. Comparing each of the fonts visually from your eyes with other fonts is not a good way to determine the correct type of font.

If you have basic knowledge in web development and CSS, you’ll obviously look for the source code and fetch out the CSS code to know the fonts. Again it becomes time consuming, since searching fonts in CSS is really time eating job. Also new users will find this job tedious.

We have a small firefox utility to find out the font name, code named, Font Finder.

Download it from here

This firefox addons not only determines the font name but also other various settings applied to the current font. If you are a web developer then you’ll fall in love with this tool.

Download and install it in your firefox browser by clicking on the download link.

After the installation of add-on is complete, restart firefox.

Now load any web page with beautiful text.

Highlight the the part of text you want to analyze, Right click on it, go to FontFinder menu and click on analyze section.

It will load a JavaScript alert with all the information about selected font and its settings.

Hope this tutorial was helpful.

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