Facebook Timeline Hacks

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Looking for cool facebook timeline hacks ? We’ve pulled together 5 great how-to hacks that will help you get the most out of your facebook timeline .

1. View Timeline Profile As Someone Else

Click the cog icon under your cover photo

Type a friend’s name or click on the “public” hyperlink to see how stranger’s view your Timeline

2. How To Hide Stories From Your Timeline

You can click on the “Edit or Remove” button on the top right corner of your status box, and select “Hide from Timeline”.

3. How To Highlight Your Posts

You can set any post to be highlighted which means it will take up both sides of the page .Just click Higlight icon as shown below .

Highlighted post looks as show below

4. How To Hide Ads

You can click on cross (x) button to hide ad and show some other ad when you refresh or navigate to some other page.

5)How To Find beautiful Covers For Your Facebook Timeline

Here is the list of 3 sites which will help you to find the cover photo for your Facebook timeline.