How To Find And Install Your Drivers With DriverMaX

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One of the problems of reinstalling windows is finding drivers for your hardware. You probably sometimes lost CD with drivers for hardware device. Instead of searching for drivers over the internet or borrowing CD from friend ,you can use simple and very effective tool called DriverMax. It allows you to download the latest driver updates, also to export all your current drivers to a folder or a compressed file and many more. After reinstalling Windows you will have everything in one place!. In this post we´ll see how to use DriverMax.Before the use of DriverMax you need to register. It´s simple and totally free.

If you want find new drivers or display a detailed list of updates, just click on “Scan for updates now”, under “Scan for driver updates” tab and DriverMax will do the rest.

After this you’ll get list of drivers that you should install .

You can download driver as free user or as pro user . Limitation for free users is 2 driver downloads per day .

Maxdrive has a lot of interesting options like identify unknown hardware, find detailed hardware information, check best and popular hardware , backup your drivers and etc. For sure very useful tool.

Download DriverMax

Download page:
File size: 2.91 MB
Supported: Windows XP and Windows Vista