Free Android Applications

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Android Operating System has extremely tight integration with existing Google products and has the wide choice of devices and various carriers around the world. Google have always been experimenting with Android applications and programs. All in all, Android is an open source software, which means that applications can change the appearance, function and capability of the Operating System.

However, open customization may not be regarded as safe but its way to capable as compared to other OSes in which customization is almost like impossible. Among these large lists of free software available from various resources from Google and other than Google, here are the lists of ten freeware other than Google for your Android OS.

1. Talk to me

Another freeware you might love is Talk to Me. Talk to Me is an impressive app that can translate your input text or speech between over 40 different languages, and in most cases, speak the translations back to you. The interface is really dead-simple: An input for text, a drop-down list to choose your languages, and a big green button to activate the speech recognition.

Download Talk to Me

2. PicSay Photo editor

Improve your photos with color corrections. Be creative with paint, word balloons, and props. Or have fun with distortions, cutouts, special effects, and more. All in an intuitive easy-to-use interface, making Picsay Pro the perfect all-in-one solution for editing images on your Android powered device.

Download PicSay Photo Editor

3. Battery Booster

Battery Booster is a powerful battery boosting tool and power management application specially designed for Android smartphone (with Homescreen Widget Support). Based on system specifications, Battery Booster provides the most accurate information on your battery charge, which includes the real-time battery capacity, temperature, voltage, etc. An auto-updating live chart allows you to visually track your battery usage.

Download Battery Booster

4. Smart Shortcuts

This application is the organizer which can keep your home screen tidy, and make everything easy to access. It allows you to organize your applications, bookmarks and contacts using tags. Also create shortcuts on home screen to easily access different tag. There are more than 40 elegant icons for your shortcuts.

Download Smart Shortcuts

5.  Startup Manager

Tired of booting up your android smartphone and you wait, and wait… and wait, as all sorts of programs, helper apps, widgets, and remnants of forgotten installations load? Tired of undesired applications auto-startup on your system boot, but you can do nothing about it? Want to add your favorite applications to system startup, but you do not know how? Now with Startup Manager, you can fully manage your Android’s startup entries and to boost up your android smartphone is just one click away!

Download Startup Managero

6. Memory Booster

Memory Booster is a powerful mobile Memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android smartphone users. It is a handy memory optimizer tool that will keep your Android smartphone running faster and efficiently. It increases your cell phone’s performance by making more memory available for both your applications and the mobile system.

Download Memory Booster

7. Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer turns your Android phone into a Wi-Fi scanner. The application discovers Wi-Fi networks around you. It can help you to find a less crowded Wi-Fi channel when setting up a wireless router or access point.

  • Multiple interfaces
  • Easy to use and understand
  • mall file size

Download Wifi Analyzer

8. NetCounter

There are some applications that must be the part of operating system but I don’t know why these ones are absent or not included, and NetCounter is one of them.

The important thing which is associated with mobiles is data traffic. There are very few countries where you are allowed to transfer unlimited data at fixed rate. So if you are worried about your bill, you must have installed an app that records the data being transferred in and out.

NeCounter is such an app that monitors the data over cellular and WiFi networks. You can set the data limit on this app and if you cross the limit, an alarm will warm you. You can view the data on per session basis and also aggregate the traffic data of whole month.

Download NetCounter

9. Astro File manager

ASTRO File Manager 2.3.0 helps you manage files, apps, and tasks, backup and restore apps, send attachments, view thumbnails and images.
– Manage Files, Applications & Tasks
– Read zip, tgz files
– Send attachments
– Task killer
– SD card usage
– Backup & restore applications
– Search text and files
– Image and file viewers
– SFTP, SMB, Bluetooth networking
Beta – expires 7/15.

Download Astro File Manager

10. Opera Mini 5

Everybody knows what Opera Mini does, the Powerful mobile internet browser for your Android OS. It supports tabbed browsing. Browsing from Opera Mini makes your site amazingly fast by caching and compressing the web pages in Opera Mini server.

Download Opera Mini 5