Free Android Themes

Posted by Suraj Kayastha in Articles, Cell Phone Hacks

With the popularity of mobile phones, the software market has hit the world. About half of the population owns mobile phones. And with the introduction to new software and capability of mobile phones the software development sector has also been competing with each other. Operating system that used to be Windows and Linux has also been one of the most important things for mobile phones.

Among the crowd of all those OS for mobile phones Android beats all of them. Android is Linux based mobile OS that means it’s totally open source. Owned by Google Inc since 2005, Android has a large community of developers writing apps that extend the functionality of the devices. There are currently over 100,000 apps available for Android, which makes it the second most popular mobile development environment first being Apple.

There are thousands of developers competing to make Android better and better every day. And some of them are doing it for free. Besides the utility value of Android OS today I am going to focus on the Graphical User Interface value for eye catchy Android GUI. Here I’ve listed 10 free and awesome themes for your Android.

1. Wood for Cyanogen

The brown and woody background makes this theme even better. The icon texts are eye catchy but still very much simple. The theme is even more customizable.

Download Wood

Download Background Image

2. gChrome Metal Theme

Yet another beautiful theme for Android OS with clean and crispy design.

Download gChrome

3. Android Pulse of Cube for G1

The Pulse of Cube is black/pulse and Droid/Éclair android theme.

Download Pulse of Cube

4. Stock Theme for G1 Dream

Stock theme is released with more Éclair and Moto Droid goodies and ported to CyanogenMod. The icons are still beautiful and simple.

Download Stock Theme

5. Continuum dark theme

It’s based CyanogenMod And the Continuum theme features: Search Widget, Custom Dialer, Notification Icons, Launcher, Analog Clock, Notification Tab, Music Widget, Settings Widget, Boot Screen, Minor System Changes.

Download Continuum dark theme

6. Minimal Matte

Minimal Matte is a full CyanogenMod ROM with a clean and dark theme. And it features Themed Framework, Themed Keyboard, Themed News & Weather Widgets, Themed LauncherPro 0.7.1, Themed Dialpad, Themed Settings Widget, All images fully optimized.

Download Minimal Matte

7. BX-Destiny Black theme

This is yet another beautiful theme for Cyanongenmod v6. It’s black and it’s beautiful.

Download BX-Destiny Black theme

8. Darkstar Dark Theme

Just as the name implies, the Darkstar is also dark android theme. And the green color looks beautiful too. In addition the Darkstar theme supports multi-Rom.

Download Darkstar Dark Theme

9. Svenja Dark Theme

The Svenja is also a clean android theme. And the dark and pink color looks beautiful. The latest Svenja v.0.43 is for Dwang 1.17.1.

Download Svenja Dark Theme

10. Cynanogenized colored theme

A new blue android Cyanogenized theme released, and the Cyanogenized is for CyangenMod v3.9.7 too. It’s beautiful.

Download Cynanogenized colored theme