Free mp3s

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Looking for free mp3s? No, that isn’t the place you were searching for. No mp3s here. Here you can find a huge library of links to the mp3 files which are legally placed somewhere on the web. So, actually is the search engine with additional possibility to listen to music online.

You do not need to sign up to use this service. Go to the, search for your favorite artist or song, type in the antispam captcha and click to play. What about downloading? Sure, you can download free songs. Quality ranges from track to track and it is pretty good as soon as you are not one of those crazy audiophiles (they do not listen to mp3s anyway). Unfortunately, you can not download by albums, track by track only. Well, it is a free service!

At the song’s page you can find some interesting features: link generator, so you can share your favorite track with friends over the most popular social networks such as Twitter or Facebook and lyrics tab – print out a few copies and sing with your buddies over the camp fire, hehe. At the artist’s page there is a video tab where you can find most popular youtube videos by this particular artist, and pictures tab with some pics (the albums covers mostly).

To summarize it – it’s a really convenient place to make the acquaintance with some bands or tracks so you can decide if they are worth spending some money on.