Free Sound Editing Software

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You can make use of sound editing software to cut, copy, paste and manipulate audio files such as MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. It can help in getting rid of unwanted sounds from audio files. You can also convert audio files into desired formats. Moreover, you can use it to enhance the sound quality of the audio files by adding various sound effects. If you perform a research on the web, you can come across various paid and free sound editing software. It becomes tad too difficult to find out which ones are reliable and good enough to provide you with the best sound editing capabilities.

Here are five free sound editing software that you can use without any restrictions:

  1. Audacity
    Audacity is a very popular open source sound editing application. You can use it record live audio. You can use it to edit various audio formats and even cut, copy and mix them together. You can convert analog audio files into digital files. You can add various sound effects such as echo, phaser, reverse to the audio files. You can also enhance the audio quality through equalization, bass boost effect and normalize effects.|

    Download Audacity
    Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux

  2. Wavosaur
    Wavosaur is free audio editor software that can be used to edit audio files. You can use it to batch convert audio files to desired formats. You do not have to install the application to use it. It does not add any information to the Windows registry. It can amplify the effects of the audio files. If supports VST plugins, multichannel wav files.

    Download Wavosaur
    Platforms: Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7)

  3. WavePad
    WavePad Sound Editor is very user-friendly sound editor software that is available for free and has got plenty of features. It supports a wide range of audio formats. You can use it modify and manipulate all kinds of audio files. You can plenty of effects to the audio files such as normalize, amplify, equalizer, reverb, etc. The batch processing feature allows you to add sound effects to numerous audio files at one time.

    Download Wavepad
    Platforms: Windows and Mac

  4. DJ Audio Editor
    DJ Audio Editor is mp3 editing software with an intuitive interface. Even if you do not know much about sound editing, you can easily make use of it to manipulate audio files and add effects to it. It only supports mp3 files and has limited functions. It is a very light application and works very efficiently. It is a very good application if you are looking to make mp3 ringtones from the songs that present on your PC.

    Download DJ Audio Editor
    Platform: Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7)

  5. Power Sound Editor Free
    Power sound editor free has got plenty of audio editing functionalities. You can edit large selection audio formats as well as add sound enhancing effects to it. You can also use it to remove disturbances through features like voice breath reduction. The free version lets you save the edited audio files in wav format. The deluxe version of this software brings to you plenty of unsurpassed audio editing features.

    Download Power Sound Editor Free
    Platform: Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7)