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Are you looking for the best free webcam software for having a video chat or to discuss business with someone in a different country? Here we have listed 5 free webcam software

GMail Voice and Video Chat Plugin

Gmail is undoubtedly the best emailing service on the web. What makes it so popular is that it lets you do much more than sending emails. Everyone was amazed to see the in-built chat feature of Gmail. The in-built chat app has been developed so much that you can now perform voice and video chat with your contacts. All you need to do is download the plugin and install it and then you can connect your webcam and do video chat inside Gmail.


It lets you use your webcam on different applications on your system simultaneously. You can add text and exciting animations to the video. You can even add live CGI graphics. With effects, you can show as if you are underwater or show as if it is raining or snowing inside your house. It only works with Windows and Mac systems and is completely free from spyware and adware.
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My WebCam Broadcaster

It is a very good webcam app if you are looking for an app that can do home and business monitoring. The application is also available for various platforms like Java, Android, iPhone, etc. It is a free application brings to you password security and private controls. The application can be used on desktop and laptops that run on Windows and Mac.
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Webcam XP

WebcamXP is also a good and free webcam software that allows you to connect up to six webcams. Not only this, it even lets you stream live webcam video over the internet. If your webcam supports features like Pan and Tilt, then Webcam XP will allow you to make the most of it. It constantly checks to find out whether anyone is trying to view your webcam without your consent and show up information such as IP address and location. Currently, it can only be used with Windows OS.

Vitamin D

The name may not make you feel like it is a webcam app, however it is one of most easy to use free webcam apps that come with good features. It can be used for surveillance purpose as it can easily detect humans in video and it can even distinguish humans from other objects. If anyone tries to view your webcam without your knowledge, you will receive a notification mail. It also lets you video scan lengthy videos within seconds.
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