Get A Free .tk Domain And Domain Forwarding

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This article will help you to get a free .tk domain. The .tk domain is provided by a company (.tk is a geographical level domain). Here, you can also get it freely. This trick help you to make a redirection url like This trick helps you to get rid of those, domains. Once you get a .tk domain and when one access that url,he/she will be taken to the website you have assigned for redirection. Or in short when you go to, you will be taken to your website. Or .tk can help you and your users to access your website(as I said above those etc) through an alternate way. So just follow these steps and share your free .tk domain and let visitors visit your blog or any subdomain blogs.

Go to

search for the availability of the required domain name

If its available you will be taken to a page like this
(the given below name is only for demonstration purpose)

In the option ‘forward this domain to’ under ‘use your new domain’(first option ,see above image), give the url of your .blogspot or any other long url(most probably your websites url). You can also assign a DNS for your domain.
(This step is inevitable other wise there is no use with your domain). For example consider that my blog address is ( While registering for a .tk domain I will give this url for forwarding (step 4,let the registered domain name be . Once created, when someone goes to, they will be taken to so they don’t need to type the full url

Then signup with a valid email or using any social media

Then you will get a confirmation mail. Click on that link and type the code you got in the mail(recommended to activate your account)

Once done you can login to your account to use their apps and other functionalities