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Get Location Of Anyone On Internet

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Let’s say you want to hack your friend’s computer. Well the first and the essential thing to do (of course if you’re hacking over the Internet) is to find out his IP address. There are several methods of doing it but here’s an easy one. The only thing you have to do is to actually make your friend click a link you send him. When that person clicks the link, you will receive information like IP Address, Country, Host name, Operating System /Browser Details and region name . Just follow instructions below:

Go to this link , here you have to type in your email  address. Afterwards you’ll get a unique link that looks kinda like this one here When someones clicks that link you will receive tracing reports to your email .

It looks like this .

Find Ip Address
This method will not work if the person whose information you want to get is using a proxy server.
Then you will get false information.