GTA V glitch points the way towards future casino gameplay

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Roaming through the streets of Los Santos has provided million of gamers across the world with endless hours of fun, entertainment and unravelling drama as GTA V continues to be a huge hit. The gaming community have taken to the wonderful graphics, gameplay animation and engrossing storyline that brings you closer to the action as Trevor, Franklin and Michael attempt to pull off one last heist. Next generation console owners will have to wait until late November for their first taste of GTA V, but sales for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC have hit an estimated 32.5 million copies.


Rockstar’s latest instalment in the hugely popular games series has been made even better by an online mode which allows up to sixteen players to create chaos, race and complete missions together, or build their own property portfolio which includes an array of luxury cars stored in the garage. Gamers have been treated to a number of free DLC downloads since GTA V was released which have added more content, but leaked reports of heists being included online have created the most excitement. GTA fans continue to wait for an official announcement on when the new DLC will be released, but a glitch has uncovered evidence that developers are working on allowing gamers to play in a casino. Playing online casino games at may not be enough for console gamers who wish to taste a selection of slot, table and card games on GTA V.



Casino glitch


The inclusion of a casino on GTA V is nothing new, with Rockstar including a gambling house as part of the environment on the original release. It added to the wonderful backdrop of walking, or driving, through the streets of Los Santos, but it was amongst a number of buildings that were purely added for scenic value and left gamers unable to enter. Developers have now included an ‘Opening Soon’ banner across the front of the building which indicates that a casino could form part of the upcoming Heists DLC. More intriguingly, a discerning GTA V tipster by the name of ‘DomisLive’ has uncovered a glitch that allows gamers to enter the casino and take a look at the interior layout. Although there is not much to see at the moment, the fact that developers have included three black sofas on either side of the entrance, along with wall and floor decoration, provides a strong indication that work on creating an accessible casino is in progress.



Leaked source codes


‘DomisLive’ has also discovered source codes which suggest that GTA V will soon provide mini casino games on single player and online modes. The description of specific codes indicate that gamers will be able to play poker, blackjack, roulette and slot machine games inside a casino which provides dealers and serves beer to customers. It is the clearest indication that a Casino DLC will arrive at some point in the future; it may come as part of the in-demand Heists DLC which has been delayed indefinitely due to technical issues. Numerous problems with the opening release of the online servers have made Rockstar wary of making the same mistakes again, but GTA V players will soon have their wish and be able to enjoy casino games at their own leisure.