Hacking Videos

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On online video streaming sites, a lot of people search for hacking videos. Here we have compiled top 10 hacking videos that are popularly search on sites like YouTube and MetaCafe:

Hacking Video No.1  Hacking A Windows XP Password

In case, you forgot the Windows XP user account password, you can boot the system with a bootable ERD commander CD and then add a new password to your user account and thereby hack the Windows XP password.

Hacking Video No.2 Installing Unsigned Applications on S60 Symbian Cell Phones

When you try to install an unsigned application on a Symbian phone such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, the phone won’t allow you to install it by popping a ‘Certificate error’. Here is a tutorial video that will let you understand how to install unsigned applications on s60 Symbian phones.

Hacking Video No.3  Hacking A Sony PSP without a Pandora Battery

The video lets you to hack your Sony PSP without making use of a Pandora battery. This hack won’t work if the firmware of your Sony PSP is 5.51 or anything beyond it.

Hacking Video No.4 Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks

This video clip will help you know various command prompt tricks and hacks such as getting around proxies, changing XP user account passwords, finding anyone by means of their IP address, etc.

Hacking Video No.5 Shutdown Your PC with a Cell Phone

This video will teach you how to shut down your PC by means of a cell phone. You only require outlook and email, a Kviry account and cell phone to perform this hack. Watch the video and start hacking!

Hacking Video No.6 Jailbreak Apple iOS on iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G

You can access all the functionalities of your iPhone by hacking it through jailbreak method. Hence, everybody on the web is searching how to jailbreak their Apple devices like iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and so on. Here is a video that will teach you how to do it. After doing this hack, you will be able to install third-party apps other than the ones present on Apple App Store and also other features like video recording,  VOIP over 3G, etc.

Hacking Video No.7 Using Your S60 Cell Phone’s Camera as Webcam for Video Chatting

SmartCam lets you use your Symbian S60 phone’s camera as a webcam. You can establish wireless webcam connection wirelessly by using wireless router. Watch the video to know how to do it.

Hacking Video No.8 Hacking Other Cell Phones Using Bluetooth

This video will get you acquainted with an application that you can run on your Bluetooth enabled phone to hack other Bluetooth enabled phones.

Hacking Video No.9 Hacking a PC on a Network

By watching this hack video, you will be able to hack into any PC on a network and control it without letting anyone know about it.

Hacking Video No.10 Creating a Fake Virus

Hacking a PC with virus is unethical. However, you can always perform a safe hack by means of fake virus. Watch the video to create your own fake virus.