Harmless Pranks

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1. Install BSOD as your screensaver:

Popularly called the Blue Screen of Death(or BSOD) is the last thing we want to see on our screen. Therefore, just download the screensaver from this link and watch your friend freak out:D

After you’ve downloaded the screensaver take the file SYSINTERNAL and copy it to c:\Windows … Now just apply the changes by right clicking on the desktop/Screensaver > you’ll find the Bluescreensaver in the list

2. Fake a non-responding desktop by print-screening it first;

After you’ve done the print-screen, just apply the picture as the background. There are a few thing we still have to do and those are to remove the icons and the taskbar from the desktop. To remove the icons right-click on the desktop and in the Arrange Icons By uncheck Show Icons On Desktop option. To remove the taskbar, right-click it , unlock it and drag the border of the taskbar to the bottom of the screen

Have fun…

Here’s a video instructional