How to Change Your Default Email Client

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You probably sometimes clicked on an email hyperlink on a website and the web browser launched your default email client, in most cases it was outlook. If you don´t like outlook, don´t worry, you can easily change your default email client and make your life easier. I will describe 3 ways of doing it. First is only for Mozilla FireFox, second is for all web browsers, third is for Google Chrome .

1. Change email Client in Moziila firefox

Launch Mozilla Firefox, at the top you will see Tools , click it . Then go to Options…
change email client

When the next window appears, go to Applications tab. In Search option type mailto. Then will appear something like this
change email client

Choose the email client and click OK

2.Change email Client in all web browsers(this is only for gmail)

Download Google Talk and install it. Google Talk has an option, that can set Gmail as default email client. Launch Google Talk and click Settings

change email client

On the left select General and set parameters as shown below.

Click OK

3.Change email Client in Google Chrome Using Free Extension

Install free extension for google chrome called Send from Gmail

Try to load email hyperlink Mailto:hackspc