How do I change my IP address?

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Every time we connect to the internet we get a certain IP address provided to us by our ISP(Internet Service Provider). This IP stays the same until we disconnect from the internet. So if you want to change your IP just disconnect and connect again.

But the problems starts if you have a Cable/DSL router. Some ISP-s set those routers in a so called routing mode, so that the IP cannot be changed manually by user, but rather by the ISP himself after 24 hours. There are two way of changing your IP address when your router is in a routing mode. The first way is just to go to your router, plug it out and after a few seconds, plug it back in. But what if we don’t want to get up from our chairs and go to the router every time we want to change our IP and we all want to do it with a command from our pc? The procedure goes like this;

Open START>RUN and type in cmd;

In the command prompt type in ipconfig, push enter and a list of ip-s will be visible…

In this list above the adapter is Local Area Connection. That is because the router is not wireless. If you use a wireless router, your adapter will be a Wireless. So, in this picture there are three IP addresses. The one we need is the default gateway. The default gateway is actually the IP of our router. We’ll just copy that IP and paste it into the address bar of your web browser(IE, Firefox etc…).

Now we are actually trying to enter the router. There will be a welcome screen with a username and a password for entering the router. It is usually admin or user for the username and 0000 for the password but if that does not work, just google your router brand and you’ll easily find it(or contact your ISP for it). When you click OK, you are in the router. Here you can do all kinds of stuff, depending on which router you have. But the thing we need to find is the connect/disconnect button. It is probably under Status or a tab similar to that(it is different with every router). You just click the button and the router will do the thing he does every 24 hours. Now, just connect back and that’s it, you have a new IP address.