How Malware Infects Your Computer

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We all have heard the terms “virus” or “malware”, and while we completely understand the fact that these items are harmful to our computers it can be difficult to understand how they are harmful to our computers. It is important to understand not only that these items can cause harm, but the type of harm that they can cause to your computer. This will help you to understand exactly what you may be looking at in regards to the damage if your computer happens to get infected.

What is Malware?

Malware is actually just a term that is used in order to express the fact that your computer has come into contact with some malicious software. This computer issue is often referred to as simply a computer virus. It is a situation where infected files have found their way to your computer through a program or piece of software. This is an incredibly dangerous thing to have on your computer for it may not only affect you, but those that you come in contact with through email. There is also no way to tell what kind of damage to expect, unless you know the name of the malware.

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Types of Malware

There is quite a large variety of malware that is floating around in cyberspace, and it goes by many different names. The below is a list of just a few of the names that make-up the malware category:

  • Computer Virus
  • Worm
  • Worm Virus
  • Trojan
  • Trojan Virus
  • Trojan Horse Virus
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Scareware
  • Crimeware

Basically any type of program or file that has the intention of causing harm or stealing information from your computer can be considered malware.

Ways that Malware can hurt Your Computer:

  • Delete important files- Malware has been known to infect a computer and delete important files that your computer needs to run properly. This could affect just a simple program, or it could affect the entire computer. It all depends on the aggressiveness of the actual malware.
  • Block information- Malware may not delete the files that you need, but it may simply block a program from running properly. Again this could affect your entire computer or just a single program.
  • Modify Data- Malware can modify specific data on your computer. This could allow permissions that you did not offer before, or it could affect how a program runs. It all depends on the type of malware.
  • Copy Data- Malware can easily copy data from a computer. This means that any personal information that is stored on your computer will be up for grabs. This could include but is not limited to contact information, credit card or banking information, passwords, and activity.

How to Prevent or Fix it

Preventing malware is the best option to help the life of your computer. It is important to have an anti-virus software and run it regularly. There are several free versions available that will allow you to scan your computer and repair the damage, and many internet providers also include an anti-virus software to their subscribing customers.Here is my LIST of best free antivirus software Some people feel that it can slow down their computer processing time and that it can hinder their web navigation. Unfortunately, once your computer has been infected it can be difficult to get your computer back to a functional mode.

Prevention is really the best option, but if your computer has already been infected you can try and repair the damage in most cases. Run a high-quality anti-virus tool and repair the file or simply delete it. Depending on how aggressive the strain is you may have to wipe your computer completely, and it worst case scenarios it could completely fry your computer. Check with your internet provider to see if they provide you with a free anti-virus software option, and if not invest in a quality anti-virus tool. It may seem unnecessary, but replacing your entire system comes at a much higher cost.

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