How To Add Custom Feed Sources In Windows Feeds Gadget

Posted by Suraj Kayastha in Articles, Windows Tips, Windows Hacks

Most of the time your desktop remains silent with only some wallpaper slideshows and no any interactive contents. Some people might use available gadgets like Clock, Calendar, CPU usage, etc.

Many of you might have once tried to use Feed Headlines once. By default, Feed Headlines only shows few feed source and you may not get that news you might be interested on.

There is no option in the settings menu to add new feeds, it shows only available feeds. Today in this tutorial I am going to teach you how to add your custom feed sources in Windows Feeds Gadget.

Windows Feeds Gadget is actually incorporated with Internet Explorer’s feed reader. To add new feeds we’ll need to add the feeds via Internet Explorer. To add feeds just follow these steps.

Open any version of Internet Explorer. Open any website you may want, for instance, open in Internet Explorer. Since we have updates via Feeds, you’ll able to see active feed icon in Tabs bar, see the image for more clarification.

In case, the website you are visiting does not have any feed, the feed icon will remain inactive.

To add feed, click on the RSS feed icon. The feeds page will be loaded in the browser. Click on Subscribe to this feed link.

Subscribe to this feed window will appear with the Website title, click on Subscribe button.

You’ve successfully added feed to your list. Now you can make it appear in Windows Feeds Gadget.

If you have selected All Feeds in Feeds Gadgets settings then all feeds that are bookmarked in Internet explorer will keep updating chronologically in Feeds Gadget. In case if you want to nominate only one feed then just select the feed.

Choose the feed name and number of feeds news to be listed in Feeds Gadget and click OK button.

You’ll have the latest feeds in your Feeds Gadget.

In this way you can add and manage multiple feeds using Feeds Gadget.

Hope this tutorial was helpful.