How To Add Facebook Fan Box In Your Blog

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Facebook can be huge traffic source of our website. It is big social networking site. You can use facebook fan page to promote your site traffic and other sources. You can create your own fan page in Facebook.

Here is the tutorial for it:

1. First, Logon to your facebook account(if you don’t have one signup for it) and click Ads and Pages on the left sidebar in your facebook homepage.

2. Click Create Page link.

3. After that, you can see the following screen. Choose the option as follow:

4. Now, you have to customize your fan profile. Change your picture and do what to be not done there.

5. You can automatically import your post and article to the fan page. This is important because it is better to do automatically than manually. Click on + and click option Note (see below)

6. On the next screen click Write a New note (See below)

7. Again click on the Note icon on the top of the page:

8. Click Import a blog (see below)

7. On the next screen, you have to enter your website URL and check the agreement and click Start importing(see below)

8. Confirm the import (see below)

9. After that, you’re all the post will import to your fan page. Now, get back to the fan page on the top(see below)

10. Now go to the Fan Box and choose the platform which you are using

And you’re done!

Hope you liked this tutorial.