How To Add Google As A Search Provider In Internet Explorer 9

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Just day before Internet explorer 9 Beta have been launched. With added beauty and design with lots of features in IE9 Beta, the IE9 looks more pleasing and advanced to the earlier versions. Since Internet Explorer 9 supports extra add-ons, you can instantly search from your favorite search providers.

By default, your search from address bar initiates from Bing search.

Let me show you how to change your default search engine in Internet Explorer 9 to Google or any other search engine except than Bing.

To add new default search engine, Hold down ALT + X button, or you can simple click on the settings icon on the top right corner of the tools bar, this will pop-up the options menu.

Click on Manage add-ons menu. You can manage your add-ons in this Manage Add-ons window.

By default you can see that you have only one search provider that is Bing.

To add new search engine in Internet explorer 9, click on Find more search providers… link at the bottom left corner of the Manage Add-ons window.

The link will load a new window, make sure you have internet connection, as this link will redirect you to online IE add-ons directory.

Look for your search engine, Google, Click on Add to Internet Explorer.

Add Search provider window will pop-up asking your permission. Check on Make this my default search provider.

Now when you try to search from address bar you’ll see somewhat similar screen below:

The default search engine will be highlighted and placed at the most left corner. If you press Enter button, browser will search from the default search engine. In case if you want to search from other search engines, you can simply click on the respective icon.

Alternatively, you can also use Add button to add new engines.

The process is same as above.

If you want to remove certain search engines from add-ons then go to Manage Add-ons window and make sure that the search engine you want to delete is not set as default.

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